Production facilities

The Center Soya LLC production facilities consist of a complete oilseed processing complex (soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, lupine), a compound feed production, a hydrothermal grain treatment workshop, grain depos, and the end product storage depos. The total area of production premises exceeds 13 hectares; besides, over 22,000 sq.m production spaces accommodate up-to-date high-tech equipment owned by the company.
Center Soya LLC orders the equipment and basic engineering from the US companies, who are the leading manufacturers of extrusion and press equipment for processing oilseeds and grains. The equipment allows producing finished products that fully comply with Russian and European regulatory requirements and standards. The company pays special attention to ensuring the output quality. The plant boasts one of the most advanced laboratories in the region. The entire Center Soya product line meets the law requirements and has all the necessary certificates of conformity.

Raw materials production

Capacity Tons per year Tons per day
Elevator – raw materials storage 38 000
Oilseeds processing 90 000 270
Oil output 13 000 38
Oilcake output 75 000 225
Compound feed output 24 000 70

Production facilities

Production unit Description
End product depos capacity 3 000 tons
Oil storage tank capacity 2 000 tons
Oilseeds transportation by trains and trucks
Oil transportation by trains and trucks
Transportation of end products (oilcake, proteins, compound feed) by trains and trucks
Railroad reception and shipment capacity of raw materials and end products 350 tons per day = 6 wagons
Truck transportation reception and shipment capacity from 1500 kg to 500 tons per day

The company products include: crude and hydrated oil, Belkoff series high-protein fodder, oilcakes, lecithine, compound feed, protein+vitamin+mineral concentrate, Termo-Plus lupine

The Russian Asset

Center Soya LLC is a specifically unique compound feed plant. We specialize in the production and sale of feed for cattle.

We have no competitors for several reasons:

  • Our feed mill business is based on fundamental research by domestic and global science in cattle feeding, which allows us to be the only plant in the Russian Federation that produces protected feed;
  • Our enterprise is aimed at providing animals with a full range of natural potential inherent in classic feeds;
  • Our company has brought together over 250 farms in Kuban with the arable land 120,000 hectares, it is these farms that make the bulk of our raw material base through growing high-quality soybeans;
  • Since 2013, the company has launched its own power generation based on sunflower husks, thus meeting completely its own needs in this costly segment;
  • We are constantly working on improving the composition of feed, collaborating with leading research centers and revealing the natural potential step by step.

In 2009, we set up the first Russian cooperative Prikubansky which has united over 250 farms with total arable lands of 120 thousand hectares. It is the free farmers who grow and sell the soybeans to us. Raw materials for our soybean meal and other compound feeds come from the soybeans grown in the fields adjacent to our company premises. A stable demand for raw materials boosted farms in Krasnodar Krai. While in 1995 35,000 hectares were sown with soybeans, nowadays the parameter has exceeded 174,000 hectares.

Launched in 2005, the innovative feed products - soybean meal concentrate and "protected protein" - are still in high demand. It is possible to buy compound feed of this and other series from our company both wholesale and at retail.

The German Asset

Sodvik Trading GmbH plant represents additional capacities of Center Soya LLC. Located in the Saxon city of Bulstringen, Sodvik Trading GmbH focuses on processing oilseeds. This enterprise is owned by the Russian company Center Soya LLC. The cake and rapeseed oil made from oilseeds are intended exclusively for sale in the German market.
The oilseed products are manufactured by way of hot pressing, which completely excludes extraction, deodorization and refining.

A project is currently being implemented to update the processing of organic soya beans. The main goal is to supplement the existing possibility of processing rapeseed with processing soybeans, including the organic and non-GMO soybeans, at the plant. The organic soybean processing is supposed to be improved through acquisition and installation of new equipment.
The company's production facilities are rated to achieve the below parameters:

  • The company's production facilities are rated to achieve the below parameters:
  • The output makes: 62% oilcake and 38% crude rapeseed oil.

As of today, the plant works at full scale and performs the tasks set to its management. However, when necessary, it can be dismantled and transported to any country in the world.
Detailed information on the company can be found at

Performance characteristics of Sodvik Trading GmbH plant:

Production Unit Description
Processing capacity
(rapeseed input)
46,000 tons per year
145 tons per day
Silo capacity
(bunkers with rapeseed)
450 tons
The output of end produce (oil) 15,640 tons per year
50 tons per day
Tank capacity for storage 170 cubic meters
The output of finished products (cake) 29 500 tons per year
92 tons per day
Silo capacity
(bunkers with cake)
320 tons
Seed transportation barge, truck
Transportation of rapeseed oil tanker truck
Transportation of rapeseed cake oil tanker truck
Products Rapeseed Oil (Crude / Refined)
Rapeseed cake
The pressing process hot, at 110°C
Neutralization with citric acid
Oil sludge (oil sediment) removal phosphoric acid + caustic soda
Certificates ISO 9001
sustainable (development)