Overview of Services

Currently, the Center Soya LLC research laboratory conducts more than 100 types of studies of raw materials to be used in producing compound feed, finished products, oil, lecithin.

The Belkoff service program is also being implemented, which includes services to farms, namely:

  • Calculation of ready-to-use feed

    Applying the HYBRIMIN Futter software which allows optimizing feed recipes according to available raw materials, with regard to their properties and cost.

  • Analyses of raw materials for their zootechnical properties

    We apply an express method using the Agrinir device. We have a production laboratory where feed may be studies with chemical methods to find out zootechnical properties.

  • Silage and haylage storing services

    We have an up-to-date forage harvester. We have the state-of-the-industry Ekosil bacterial starter culture of foreign production. We can also fully prepare high-quality feed (haylage, silage) under your control and upon your request. We will help you choose optimal harvesting time. The harvester has reaper tables for both silage and haylage.

  • Ultrasound diagnosis of animals

    We use Easi-scan-3 device to detect pregnancy and pathology. We advise farmers on reproduction and veterinary medicine issues.

  • Ongoing analysis and monitoring of livestock raising technology on farms

Laboratory services

Express analysis of feed and raw materials to make compound feed

Analysis of raw materials with express method using the FOSS DS2500 equipment to specify their zootechnical parameters, including 4 amino acids (methionine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan).

Wet chemistry analysis of feed and raw materials used in producing compound feedstuff

  • Moisture
  • Protein, Barnstein protein
  • Fiber
  • Fat
  • Ash
  • Soluble protein and protein dispersion index in soybean products
  • NDP (non-degradable protein) using the “artificial rumen” of fistulous cows

The Belkoff Service 1 program includes:

  • A visit by Center Soya LLC specialists to the farm and the assessment of: feeding, keeping, milking, reproduction.
  • Analysis of main feed by

    the Center Soya LLC Laboratory

  • Compiling livestock groups

    Used in the farm for experimental feeding

  • Diet formulation

    Presentation to the farm manager and livestock expert

  • Compound feed production

    For the experimental group and its delivery to the farm

  • Joint start of feeding

    Center Soya LLC and the farm

  • Presentation to the manager

    Feeding results and spreading the experience gained on the entire livestock population.

  • Customer support to the farm

    Visiting the farm by specialists as necessary, but at least once in two weeks, analyzing the main feed as necessary (change of the silo pit, etc.), milk analysis - every 2 weeks.

The Belkoff Service 2 program includes:

All of the items in Belkoff Service 1, except one additional item:

  • Storing silage and haylage

The Belkoff Service 3 program includes:

all of the items in Belkoff-Service 1 + Belkoff-Service 2, with the exception of two additional items:

  • Insemination
  • Veterinary services